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The roots of ORTEMA go back to the year 1940, when the "Orthopedic Workshop of the Werner'schen Children's Hospital" was founded in Ludwigsburg. At the beginning of the eighties, the company moved to the Orthopedic Clinic Markgröningen (OKM).

Finally, in 1994, a new chapter was opened with the founding of an independent company, ORTEMA - ORthopädieTEchnik MArkgröningen. Thanks to its steady growth, ORTEMA was soon "bursting at the seams". Shortly before the turn of the millennium, the then 50 employees moved into the 2,000 square meter new building in 1999.

In 2004, ORTEMA took over the Prevention & Rehabilitation divisions, and the number of employees grew to over 100.

Another milestone in ORTEMA's success story was the inauguration of the newly built Center for Rehabilitation & Medical Fitness on more than 2,000 square meters in August 2007.

2016 Extension Orthopedic Technology, Medical Supply Store & Sport Protection. In addition to modern workshops and sales areas, there is now also space for a research and development department in an extension building measuring over 1000 m².

2019 New building for ambulant orthopedic rehabilitation. Opening of the 1,500 square meter new building in November 2019.

In the meantime, ORTEMA employs more than 250 people, with branches for orthopedic technology in Ludwigsburg and Pforzheim as well as a base in Rheinbreitbach.


About us

The four pillars of ORTEMA

The business model of ORTEMA is based on four pillars:

Orthopedic Technology,
Rehabilitation & Therapy
Medical Fitness & Health
Sport Protection.

The original area of ORTEMA is orthopedic technology. Like the classic medical supply store, we offer the entire spectrum of orthopedic technology:

  • The orthopedic shoe and insole technology, which is used to counter orthopedic foot problems and overloads.
  • The bandage and corset technique, which stabilizes and relieves muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as joints.
  • The orthotic technique, with the help of which injured or functionally impaired parts of the body are supported and become resilient again.
  • The prosthetic technique, by which missing limbs are replaced.
  • The Knee orthotics, with which ORTEMA has earned an international reputation by developing its own knee orthotics.

The Rehabilitation & Therapy division is characterized by its focus on physical and occupational therapy care for all inpatient clinic patients, outpatient physical therapy and occupational therapy, medical training therapy, and outpatient rehabilitation. In the area of medical training therapy and outpatient rehabilitation, there is a close interdisciplinary exchange between the rehabilitation physicians, physio- and sports therapists and psychologists.

In the Medical Fitness & Health area, a wide range of training options are offered on an area of well over 1,000 square meters. In addition to strength and endurance training on state-of-the-art electronic equipment, health-conscious individuals can do something specifically for themselves and their bodies in numerous prevention and health courses. Special attention is paid to individual and permanent care by the highly qualified staff.

In the Sport-Protection division, the focus is on athletes who have been injured or who want to protect themselves from injury. The true quality of orthopedic technical care is particularly evident in top-level sports, where people are exposed to extreme stress. Through years of cooperation with top athletes of international stature, ORTEMA has acquired a great deal of "know-how" in the technical care of injured professionals, from which all patients benefit. Through close contacts with federations, clubs, trainers and sports physicians, ORTEMA has succeeded in developing supports, orthoses and protectors that set standards through their functional and anatomical design.

ORTEMA – more than 4 pillars

The special thing about ORTEMA is the interdisciplinary work between the different areas, from which all customers and patients benefit. Orthopedic technicians, physio-, ergo- and sports therapists, rehabilitation physicians and sports scientists work hand in hand for the health of our patients. This close interaction optimizes communication for the benefit of our customers and patients.

For example, experienced technicians and trained physiotherapists are involved in gait training for prosthesis wearers. Together with the patient, they can work on the gait pattern. The goal is an optimal technical solution, trained muscles and good mobility. Safety and well-being are the result of a physiological gait pattern.

Due to the close cooperation with the Center for Spinal Surgery of the OKM, many young patients with scoliosis are treated at ORTEMA. In addition to the provision of a corset, physiotherapeutic treatment is of particular importance. The close cooperation between doctors, therapists, technicians and patients leads to the best possible permanent correction of the spinal deformity.

But interdisciplinary cooperation also takes place in sports. For example, customers who have an orthosis made after an injury are happy to combine their visit with a fitness check or performance diagnostics in order to continue training effectively after the injury.