ONB Neck Brace - Design K4

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ORTEMA ONB Neck Brace K4 - rot ORTEMA ONB Neck Brace K4 - schwarz ORTEMA ONB Neck Brace K4 - pink ORTEMA ONB Neck Brace K4 - türkis ORTEMA ONB Neck Brace schwarz ONB Winkelvergleich 40 Grad ONB Winkelvergleich 10 Grad
ORTEMA ONB Neck Brace K4 - rot
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The neck protection system from ORTEMA.

ONB Neck Brace - Design "K4"

ONB Neck Brace (optimized version - ONB V 3.0) - is made of a high-performance plastic and is characterized by its low weight. The height can be easily adjusted using Velcro pads. The support in the back area is horseshoe-shaped so that the ONB Neck Brace does not lie centrally on the spine. The power transmission, especially in connection with the ORTHO-MAX Dynamic, is very large and there is no selective force peak in the area of the vertebrae. The ONB frame and the upholstery material are supplied in black. A functional belt system secures the position on the body.

The new ONB V 3.0

  • Even better anatomical fit of the back
  • Newly developed safety quick release system
  • Fully foamed front part with increased shock absorption to protect the sternum
  • Individual adjustment possible

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ONB Neck Brace - size guide

The classification of the size depends essentially on body size and body weight. Deviations can e.g. by wearing a chest protector or protector shirt.

Size < 25 kg 25 - 35 kg 35 - 45 kg 45 - 55 kg 55 - 65 kg 65 - 75 kg 75 - 85 kg 85 - 95 kg > 95 kg   
< 120 cm XS XS              
120 - 130 cm XS XS S            
130 - 140 cm   S S M L        
140 - 150 cm   S S M L L      
150 - 160 cm     M M L L  L  XL  XL
160 - 170 cm     M  L L L  L  XL  XL
170 - 180 cm          L L  L  XL  XL
180 - 190 cm           L  XL  XL  XL
> 190 cm              XL  XL  XL

Click here for size XS - S JUNIOR.

Tested in the certified, Spanish safety testing laboratory Cidaut.

Significantly less head deflection with a high impact with the ORTEMA Neck Brace

ORTEMA Neck Brace
Test without ONB

ortema onb winkelvergleich

ORTEMA Neck Brace
Test with ONB

ortema onb winkelvergleich