K-COM Knee orthosis

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K COM Knieorthese individuelle Anfertigung K COM Knieorthese individuelle Anfertigung
K COM Knieorthese individuelle Anfertigung
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Knee brace made of carbon fiber with optimal anatomical fit.

K-COM knee brace from ORTEMA: The individual knee brace from the specialist dealer

After an injury, arthrosis or as a preventive measure to prevent damage to the cruciate ligament, meniscus or knee joint: the possible uses of our ORTEMA K-COM knee orthosis are as varied as the areas of application. From motocross riders to skiers to ice hockey players, professional athletes of all stripes trust our carbon fiber knee braces. What works in professional sports flows into the care of all patients.

ORTEMA manufactures high-quality knee orthoses that are individually tailored to the patient and take their biomechanics and anatomy into account.

With a lot of passion, years of experience and extensive know-how, ORTEMA creates high-tech products based on the latest medical standards. Our K-COM knee orthoses are unique anatomical pieces that are perfectly tailored to the wearer's knee.

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You can find more information and supply examples for the K-COM knee orthosis here.


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K-COM knee brace: high-tech materials and an optimal fit ensure high wearing comfort and maximum knee stabilization

The history of the K-COM knee brace began over 30 years ago. The ability to treat cruciate ligament and meniscus injuries with other splints was insufficient at this time, which is why ORTEMA's orthopedic technology experts began to develop their own knee orthosis. The concept of the K-COM orthosis for the knee has been continuously improved over the years and is continuously being developed.

What does a knee brace do?

The possible uses of a knee orthosis are extremely diverse and range from stabilizing the knee joint as part of rehabilitation to preventive purposes to avoid knee injuries in sports to the treatment of malalignment of the knee joint and arthrosis.


  • Injury to the anterior and posterior cruciate ligament
  • Injury to the sidebands and menisci
  • Complex instabilities in the knee
  • Osteoarthritis and cartilage damage
  • O and X leg deformity

Our K-COM knee brace convinces with the following features:

  • Perfect fit: The K-COM knee brace is individually manufactured according to the patient's biomechanical and anatomical requirements. This ensures a close fit and high slip resistance.
  • Low weight: Thanks to high-tech materials such as carbon and titanium, the K-COM orthosis for the knee comes with an extremely low weight. The orthosis can hardly be felt on the knee and is characterized by its excellent wearing comfort.
  • High stability: A torsion-resistant carbon fiber construction and polycentric joint rails made of titanium ensure maximum stability and permanently prevent instability at the knee joint. The joint is stabilized exactly where the knee needs it.
  • Test winner: In a test by TÜV Munich with the 14 most used knee orthoses on the market, the K-COM knee orthosis from ORTEMA was recognized as the test winner.

With the ORTEMA K-COM you get a highly developed knee brace that guarantees knee care at the highest level. According to the motto "Design follows function", the orthosis not only impresses with regard to the stabilization of the knee joint, but also with an appealing look in the color black / carbon.

How is a knee brace made?

To ensure that the K-COM orthosis is the right size and fits the patient's knee perfectly, we manufacture it individually. There are only 5 steps to the finished orthosis for your knee:

  • Prescription / order: Your doctor places an order for a knee orthosis to stabilize your knee joint.
  • Examination: An orthopedic technician takes a plaster cast of your leg or performs a 3D scan.
  • Production: Based on the plaster cast or the 3D scan, we create the knee orthosis in a 1.5 mm thin sandwich construction and according to the exact indication.
  • Try on: Try the finished K-COM knee orthosis with an orthopedic technician. The orthosis must fit perfectly on the knee.
  • Check-up: A doctor may perform a check-up to check the functionality of the knee brace and its effect on the knee joint.

Tailor-made, light and stable: with the K-COM orthosis you get an absolute quality product from the premium range for your knee.

What does a knee brace cost?

The K-COM knee orthosis can be prescribed. We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive information and advise you in detail on the subject of knee orthoses.

ORTEMA - your experienced specialist for a knee orthosis & more

ORTEMA has always pursued the goal of providing every patient with the best possible care. Thanks to intensive cooperation with renowned doctors and clinics, all of our products are state of the art in medicine. In addition, our entire know-how and years of experience from the care of professional athletes are incorporated into the development of the products.

In our online shop you will find a variety of other protection products that are designed for the safe practice of numerous sports:

If you have any questions about our K-COM knee brace or another product from our online shop, you can reach us on 07145 - 9153 890 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


K-COM knee orthosis - examples of care in professional sports


Supply Moto Cross / Offroad
The knee orthosis is used to prevent knee injuries where falls are preprogrammed, but is also used after cruciate ligament tears, operations or for osteoarthritis.

The perfect fit, the low weight, the optimal stability and above all their slip resistance are praised by amateurs and professionals. The thin finish guarantees unsurpassed comfort, both under the Moto Cross pants and under a Supermoto leather suit. This can protect the knee joints or stabilize them after an injury. A specially developed knee cap protection is easily attached to the orthosis for off-road sports.
Supply ski
Knee injuries are at the top of the injury statistics of the International Ski Association (FIS) in the Ski World Cup. The consequences, such as a torn cruciate ligament, are far-reaching for the athletes: surgery, months of aftercare, the tough struggle to compensate for the loss of training and regain the form of competition.
After such injuries, K-COM knee orthoses are regularly used for stabilization. It is important that the anatomy of the athlete's leg is recorded and the knee orthosis is optimally adapted to it. Matching the length of the lower leg shell to the height of the ski boot is carried out as part of the fitting, so the knee brace does not affect the user at all.
Supply ice hockey
For ice hockey players, the knee joints are their capital. Injuries in this area often throw athletes back for months or end their careers overnight. With its very stable carbon fiber, the K-COM knee brace specifically protects this complicated joint and ensures a quick “return to sport” even after an injury such as a cruciate ligament tear. The K-COM knee brace is also increasingly being used to protect against injuries, since it is not bulky due to the thin design and does not hinder the practice of this extremely fast team sport. For the goalie, the K-COM knee orthosis can be designed in a slightly modified version that corresponds to the butterfly position.
Supply mountain bike
A custom-made carbon fiber orthosis for the mountain bike area must neither push nor slide. Regardless of whether mountain bike, downhill, BMX or off-road riding - the knee must be stable. After a cruciate ligament tear, surgery or arthrosis, it should be relieved and guided from the outside using a perfectly fitting orthosis. Outstanding wearing comfort, a thin finish and a non-slip fit are the attributes so that cyclists can use knee braces. In this way, joints can be stabilized over a longer period of time, but also protected and serve the user for safe driving in both the hobby and professional sectors.
American football supply
This intense team sport often causes knee injuries. The speed, the long levers and the dynamics of this sport particularly challenge the knee brace constructions. Here titanium joint rails have to be cast in high-strength carbon fiber in order to meet the demands of these athletes. The performance of the athletes must not be restricted by the knee orthosis. Optimal wearing comfort, non-slip fit and protection of the joints from one or another injury are requirements that have to be met. The volume of the muscles of well-trained athletes places high demands on the orthopedic technician.
Supply kitesurfing / wakeboard
The stress of surfing, wakeboarding or kiting is often underestimated, because here enormous stresses are placed on the knee joints and their structures when they hit the water surface.

Associated injuries to the cruciate ligament, side ligament and meniscus structures severely restrict the athlete. For this reason, the use of well-fitting knee orthoses that can be worn non-slip on the leg or that provide stability to the knee under the wetsuit has increased significantly in recent years.

Provided with the K-COM, many professional and dedicated amateur water sports enthusiasts can perform high jumps and daring tricks again.