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X-Pants LP

Tight-fitting pants with impact protection in the coccyx ...

Price (incl. VAT)79,00 €

Within Germany the shipping costs are 5,90 €, from an order value of 100,- € we ship free of charge.

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Pants with elastic reins and diagonal bands.

Price (incl. VAT)79,00 €

Within Germany the shipping costs are 5,90 €, from an order value of 100,- € we ship free of charge.

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Pants with elastic reins and diagonal bands.

54,95 €
Price (incl. VAT)49,00 €

Within Germany the shipping costs are 5,90 €, from an order value of 100,- € we ship free of charge.

Discount: 5,95 €
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ORTEMA Power Shorts

Compression shorts with integrated X-diagonal stabilization ...

Price (incl. VAT)69,00 €

Within Germany the shipping costs are 5,90 €, from an order value of 100,- € we ship free of charge.

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Thermal pants

Thermal pants made of elastic neoprene material.

Price (incl. VAT)54,90 €

Within Germany the shipping costs are 5,90 €, from an order value of 100,- € we ship free of charge.

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Regardless of whether it's a rapid downhill descent or a leisurely tour through the forest: falls and hits on the hip are not uncommon in biking. However, tight-fitting protector pants with impact and bounce protection prevent serious fall injuries and ensure long-term safety on the bike.

„Protection is our Profession“: True to this motto, ambitious mountain bikers will find a variety of high quality orthoses, bandages and protectors at ORTEMA.

The tight cut of the protector trousers ensures an optimal hold of the hip protectors without restricting the wearer's freedom of movement. Minimize the risk of injury on your next bike tour and trust in high-quality protector pants from ORTEMA.

ORTEMA hip protection - protector pants in premium quality

Bike sport is steadily gaining popularity in Germany and more and more people are discovering mountain biking for themselves. Fast downhill descents or rapid rides over hill and dale are great fun, but at the same time involve a high risk of falling. While impact protection pants with integrated hip protectors have long been part of the standard equipment in motocross, this is not yet the case in the mountain bike scene.

With our high-quality protector trousers, we deliver bike trousers that are comfortable to wear, which minimize the risk of injury for riders and at the same time ensure optimal hip protection.

What do protector pants with integrated bumpers and impact protection for the hips offer?

  • Impact and impact protection: The core function of the protector pants is to protect the hips in the event of an impact or impact. This is ensured by an extremely robust material in the thigh and hip area, which impresses with its high level of shock absorption. This significantly reduces the risk of serious fall injuries.
  • High wearing comfort: Thanks to the ergonomic fit and the new honeycomb-shaped padding material, the protector pants adapt perfectly to the thighs and hips.

Our concentrated specialist knowledge from the field of sports orthopedics can be found in our ORTEMA joint protectors. Paired with years of experience in top-class sport, ORTEMA produces protector pants that not only impress with their excellent protective properties, but also score points with their extremely high level of comfort.

The X-Pants LP by ORTEMA

The impact and bounce protection of the X-Pants protector pants is made of a new, impact-absorbing polyurethane, which hardens on impact, but remains soft and comfortable to wear during normal movement.

The protector pants also have the following properties:

  • Extremely high shock absorption
  • Breathability
  • Protector in the area of the coccyx
  • Large protection area in the area of the hips and thighs
  • Tight cut for slip resistance and optimal hold

The X-Pants LP pants with integrated impact and bounce protection are available with and without seat pads from size S to size XXL. You will also find a large number of other protectors in our online shop that make mountain biking safer. From chest protectors, neck protection systems and MTB protector jackets to knee protectors and sports insoles to knee braces and compression pants - with ORTEMA products you are well protected all round.

Compression shorts from ORTEMA - preventive strains and overstretching

Strains in the hip and groin area are also a common problem in sports. Compression pants such as the ORTEMA Power Shorts or the Coreshorts Pro counteract these side effects and provide relief for the groin area and stabilization of the hip area.

  • ORTEMA Power Shorts & Coreshorts PRO
    The compression shorts from ORTEMA are equipped with a unique stabilization system that protects against overstretching and reduces the strain on the muscles. This makes the compression shorts perfect for athletic re-entry after an adductor or groin injury.


ORTEMA has been active in the field of sport protection for many years and equips numerous professional athletes with high-quality orthoses, bandages and protectors. Many professionals also rely on ORTEMA protector trousers in biking. Our products have proven themselves under the extreme conditions of professional sport and offer excellent protection.

With ORTEMA you also benefit from the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive and expert advice
  • Extensive know-how in orthopedic technology
  • Years of experience in professional sports

In addition to biking, we are there for our customers in many other sports. Whether you are a snowboarder looking for a high-quality back protector, need a kidney belt for the next motorcycle tour or need a protector vest that protects you while motocross: you will definitely find it at ORTEMA!

We would be happy to advise you in detail on the advantages and properties of our protector pants and hip protectors. You can reach us both by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and by phone at 07145 - 9153 890.