Research & Development

For many years we have been researching and developing in the field of Sport Protection - also in cooperation with some of our partner companies, which are active in the most diverse industries.

Under the motto "stagnation means regression", we subject technology, materials and our work to a continuous improvement process in order to drive developments forward.

Concentrated knowledge and years of experience enable us to provide comprehensive and sport-specific care. Through close cooperation with leading specialists in orthopedics, trauma surgery and sports medicine, medical knowledge and technical skills come together and result in unique products for athletes and patients. ORTEMA develops and manufactures, among other things, orthoses and sports bandages that athletes hardly feel, but which offer maximum protection and do not restrict freedom of movement.
The company benefits not only from over 25 years of experience, but also from an interdisciplinary network of doctors, physiotherapists and trainers. No wonder that numerous top athletes, players of international top teams and different national teams have been relying on the support and care of ORTEMA for years.

Face masks - unique products for professionals

ORTEMA is specialized in fast, indication-dependent supplies and knows the needs of top athletes and their treating physicians. In the case of acute facial injuries, the technicians offer individually manufactured masks that are designed according to the injury and made of carbon fiber or special plastic, depending on the application.

The intelligent knee orthosis concept

For more than 25 years, the Markgröningen-based company has been offering the K-COM, a knee orthosis concept for stabilization with indication-dependent version selection for the entire spectrum of knee injuries. The K-COM orthosis is individually manufactured according to a plaster cast and thus takes into account all anatomical features of the customer. An extremely low weight of usually less than 500 grams is achieved through lightweight construction using carbon technology with titanium joints. In addition, the upper and lower leg shells are extremely thin, with a material thickness of only 1.5 mm. Consequently, the K-COM can be worn comfortably under the respective sportswear and can be fitted with a patella protector if required.

Individualized down to the last detail - PrävenThese

It is a completely new development of a carbon knee orthosis with polycentric titanium joints that stabilizes the knee joint without restricting freedom of movement. The special feature of the PrävenThese is a new concept of fixation to the leg. ORTEMA manufactures each PrävenThese individually according to the latest scientific and sports orthopedic findings. Thereby it is exactly tailored to the personal needs of the athlete.

The neck protection system ORTEMA Neck Brace - Optimal protection

The ORTEMA developers spent several years working on a completely new type of neck brace system. It was designed to prevent serious injuries to the cervical spine in off-road crashes and at the same time protect the vertebral bodies and the particularly sensitive spinous processes. Added to this were criteria such as low weight and maximum wearer comfort. The result is impressive in every respect: The ONB is characterized by a horseshoe-shaped support in the back area, which diverts high forces over a large area to the muscles, shoulder blade and ribs in the event of an accident. Made of an unbreakable high-performance plastic, the Neck Brace is easy to adjust in height by means of Velcro pads. A functional, double-secured strap system fixes the ONB well to the body. The innovative concept is not only convincing for athletes - numerous other manufacturers now follow the same effective concept of the ORTEMA Neck Brace. 

Return to sport - Fast and individual treatment for acute injuries

Injuries in the shoulder - arm - elbow - hand area pose very special challenges to the orthopedic technician. On the one hand, the athlete wants to be able to train again as quickly as possible; on the other hand, he or she needs freedom from pain, perfect wearing comfort and optimal protection against secondary injuries. The ORTEMA technicians' answer: customized products made of extremely light but stable high-tech materials.