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Tapedesign Socken

Special anti-slip socks from Tapedesign with the ORTEMA ...

Price (incl. VAT)19,90 €
pair price

ORTEMA Power Shorts

Compression shorts with integrated X-diagonal stabilization ...

Price (incl. VAT)69,00 €
piece price

Coreshorts PRO

Pants with elastic reins and diagonal bands.

54,95 €
Price (incl. VAT)27,45 €
Discount: 27,50 €
piece price


Thermal pants made of elastic neoprene material.

Price (incl. VAT)54,90 €
piece price

Black Roll Ball

Ideal for massaging different muscle groups.

Price (incl. VAT)8,90 €
piece price

Black Roll

For self-massage and regeneration.

Price (incl. VAT)29,90 €
piece price


Ideal für Fitnesstraining, Therapie und Rehabilitation.

Price (incl. VAT)13,95 €
piece price

Kinetx Leg Bands

Set für Widerstandstraining, Core- oder Functional-Training.

Price (incl. VAT)34,95 €
piece price