Coreshorts PRO

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Pants with elastic reins and diagonal bands.

Coreshorts PRO

In order to avoid strains, overstretching in the groin area and hip and adductor problems or to treat after injuries, the use of the core shorts is recommended. These stabilize the entire hip, groin and thigh area with additional elastic reins using diagonally running bands. Effective increased compression can relieve ligaments, muscles and tendons. A positive side effect for the muscles is the warmth, which the players find very pleasant.


The PRO version of the shorts has stronger elastic reins.

Coreshorts PRO - size chart

Size waist circumference in cm
S 71,1 - 73,7 cm
M 76,2 - 81,3 cm
L 86,4 - 91,4 cm
XL 96,5 - 101,6 cm
XXL 106,7 - 111,8 cm